Undergraduate Leadership

529063_10150629398617816_295161701_nUndergraduate Governors

Carolyn Dundes, Middletown 2017 (Term expires Spring 2016)
Eren Can Ileri, Brunonian 2017 (Term expires Spring 2016)
Gabrielle Discafani, Capital 2017 (Term expires Fall 2016)
Jordan Johnson, Binghamton 2017 (Term expires Fall 2016)

Undergraduate Parliament Officers

President: Madeleine O’Brien, Middletown 2016 (Term expires Spring 2016)
Vice President: Max Morant, Penn 2015 (Term expires Spring 2016)
Treasurer: Alex Moehring, Binghamton 2016 (Term expires Spring 2016)

Chapter Contact

All chapters can be contacted with chapter-contact@adps.org.  For a list of house officers, see the chapters and affiliates page.

Binghamton: binghamton-contact@adps.org
Brunonian: brunonian-contact@adps.org
Capital Affiliate: capital-contact@adps.org
Columbia: columbia-contact@adps.org
Granite: granite-contact@adps.org
Middletown: middletown-contact@adps.org
Penn Affiliate: penn-contact@adps.org
Plattsburgh Affiliate: plattsburgh-contact@adps.org
Rensselaer Affiliate: rensselaer-contact@adps.org
Stanford: stanford-contact@adps.org
Ursinus: ursinian-contact@adps.org