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The Alpha Delta Phi Society is a self-governing, coeducational organization dedicated to cultivating character, scholarship, and enduring friendships. With seven active chapters and five affiliates, our literary society is one of North America’s foremost coeducational Greek-letter institutions. Our literary tradition fosters life-long intellectual growth, mentoring, and achievement among our members. The Alpha Delta Phi was founded by Samuel Eells in 1832 to encourage free thought and to supplement a rigid classroom education.


“[Alpha Delta Phi] must be built on a more comprehensive scale than other societies, in regard to its intellectual proportions; providing for every variety of taste and talent, and embracing every department of literature and science.”
—Samuel Eells, founder of Alpha Delta Phi, 1832

In 1992, after years of controversy over the status of women as members, the Alpha Delta Phi formally separated into two organizations: The Alpha Delta Phi Society, which accepts men and women, and the all-male Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity.

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