Society Leadership


Society Officers

President: Peter Goldstein, Brunonian 2008 (e-mail:
Vice President: Dena Schwartz, Penn 2013 (e-mail:
Treasurer: Laura Hellwig, Capital 2016 (e-mail:
Assistant Treasurer: Alison Errico, Brunonian 2006
Secretary: Carly Blaugher, Rensselaer 2018
Assistant Secretary: Haley Brush, Ursinian 2017
Historian: A. Paul Neshamkin, Columbia 1963

Board of Governors

Terms Expiring Convention 2021
Zachary Wilson
Brunonian 2012
(Term Limit: 2027)
Joan Charlotte Matelli
Middletown 1992
(Term Limit: 2021)
Kylie Madden
Capital 2017
(Term Limit: 2027)
Alanna Kwoka
Brunonian 2010
(Term Limit: 2027)
Melissa Diaz
Brunonian 2011
(Term Limit: 2028)
Dena Schwartz
Penn 2013
(Term Limit: 2025)
Kari Dahlen
Brunonian 1996
(Term Limit: 2028)
Peter Goldstein
Brunonian 2008
(Term Limit: 2025)
Terms Expiring Convention 2023
Irissa Cisternino
Capital 2018
(Term Limit: 2029)
Ashley Taylor
Granite 2013
(Term Limit: 2026)
Isabella “Isa” Bello Martinez
Brunonian 2017
(Term Limit: 2029)
Max Morant
Penn 2016
(Term Limit: 2029)
Alyssa Wilson 
New Leaf 2022
(Term Expires: Spring 2021)
Alvah Higginson
Rensselaer 2022
(Term Expires: Spring 2021)
Camerson Stice 
New Leaf 2021
(Term Expires: Fall 2021)
Jennifer Cheng
Capital 2021
(Term Expires: Fall 2021)

Staff and Directors

Executive Director: Michael Blitstein, Brunonian 2003 (email:
Headquarters Manager: Terrie Eastmade, Bowdoin 1997 (email:
Director of Chapter Services: Melissa Diaz, Brunonian 2011 (email:
Assistant Directors of Chapter Services: Ellie Baker, Brunonian 2019 and Mattingly Gerasimovich, Capital 2020
Director of Communications: Tiffany Moustakas, Binghamton 2015
Assistant Director of Communications: Marissa Bergman, Brunonian 2014
Director of Development: Alanna Kwoka, Brunonian 2010
Director of Events: Kylie Madden, Capital 2017
Director of Graduate Chapter Support: Thom Clark, Bowdoin 1999
Director of Member Safety: Joan Charlotte Matelli, Middletown 1992
Directors of New Chapter Development: Max Morant, Penn 2015 and Isabella “Isa” Bello Martinez Brunonian 2017
Director of Operations: Alina Lacombe, Capital 2015.5

Undergraduate Parliament Officers

President: Mimi Walczuk, Binghamton 2020
Vice President: Christopher Jackson, Middletown 2020
Secretary: Eliot McKeighan, New Leaf 2022

Roster of Society Presidents

Robert G. McKelvey, Middletown 1959 (August 1992-October 2001)
Charles E. Gross, Jr., Brunonian 1972 (October 2001-November 2005)
Craig C. Cheslog, Bowdoin 1993 (November 2005-March 2012)
Chad Wolfsheimer, Brunonian 2000 (March 2012-March 2015)
Kristen Soule, Brunonian 1999 (March 2015-March 2018)
Jim Sabo, Bowdoin 1992 (March 2018-March 2020)
Peter Goldstein, Brunonian 2008 (March 2020-present)