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Not happy with the Greek options at your school?

Looking for a different kind of Greek experience?

Want to be part of a national organization that fosters connections and friendships beyond your campus and college years?

Start a chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society!

The Society is currently looking to expand to new colleges and universities. If you are interested in forming a new chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society, send an e-mail to:

For a list of our current chapters, click here.

A note from Ruben Martinez, one of the founders of our Binghamton Chapter:

Helping to start a Chapter at Binghamton University was easily one of the best decisions of my life. In the beginning we were a bit scared— how do we start a brand new group on campus? Do I really see myself in a Greek organization? What happens if no one else wants to join us? Don’t I have to worry about grades?

Soon enough our concerns were squashed. Alpha Delta Phi Society was a Greek organization with a rich history of intellectual pursuit, literary tradition, and fostering the philosophical spirit. It was exactly the kind of thing missing in my college experience. Soon we discovered there were a lot of students on campus that were having a good time, but couldn’t help feeling like something was missing— an avenue where they can freely share their literary, artistic, or intellectual passions with like-minded people in a social and fun environment.

Starting a Chapter helped me build skills that have helped me tremendously in the professional world. I learned how to plan events, how to lead a team, how to hold effective meetings, how to manage a budget, and how to market and brand an organization. It really felt like a real-world startup and the experience was invaluable. When I joined my first job, I immediately felt like I was making an impact in a team-setting.

Beyond all of the skills, the most important thing with starting a Chapter was getting the most amazing people as my “siblings.” From current undergraduates and alumni, from Binghamton to all the Chapters nationwide, I got to meet and connect with an incredibly diverse group of people. In addition to that, as I now see our Chapter continuing to grow even after the founding group graduated, it keeps me connected to my Alma Mater. For the founding group that started the expansion effort, Alpha Delta Phi Society at Binghamton was the best thing we could’ve left behind as our legacy on campus.

These days, I’ve stayed involved with ADPS on a national level and am now the Director of Chapter Support. Similar to my time as an undergraduate, I’m getting enormous experience that helps me every single day in my professional life. I didn’t imagine myself doing this 4 years ago, but now I’m so glad that I did.