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Your Alpha Delta Phi Society leadership experience doesn’t need to end at graduation — the Society is always looking for volunteers to help out with a wide variety of initiatives. Below are the initiatives and committees for which you can volunteer.

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Alanna Kwoka
The Development committee is the primary fundraising arm of the Society. If you have ideas for additional ways we can raise money, can advise on corporate matching programs or estate planning donations, or are just good at building personal and professional relationships, this is the committee for you.
Lifelong Experience
Peter Goldstein
Your Society experience doesn’t end at graduation. The Lifelong Experience committee’s goal is to ensure that the Society continues to serve its members after they graduate, through organizing mentorship programs, assisting with the transition from undergraduate to graduate, and supporting graduate member events. If you would like to help out with research, communications, and collaboration with our graduate members, consider signing onto the Lifelong Experience committee. We’re building out the teams that support mentoring and in-person events, and we’re always happy to hear new ideas.
Isabella Martinez
and Max Morant
The Expansion committee ensures that the Society continues to grow beyond our current schools. As a member of the committee, you will help identify colleges where the Society might be a good fit, respond to requests that we receive for more information about our Society, and help start new Affiliate Chapters and grow them into Chartered Chapters.
Zach Wilson
Sure, you’ve heard of people winning Sword and Spear, or Emerald and Pearl, but have you been curious about how those winners are chosen? Or do you have ideas for other awards that we should be giving out? The newly-formed Awards committee is tasked with bringing all of our awards into one group, documenting the processes for each award, reviewing candidates, and creating new awards. If you want to help recognize our most deserving chapters and members, check out the Awards committee.
Laura Hellwig
The Finance Committee assists the treasurer with forming policies and ensures our spending is aligned with our priorities. Do you want to help determine which programs and services receive funding? Do you have an idea on how to ease the financial burden for new members? If so, this committee is for you. No background in finance is necessary.

Inclusion Committee Chair Needed

The inclusion committee works to ensure that all members of the Society have an equal chance at the opportunities that it offers, and to assure that everyone feels welcome and able to participate in the wide range of activities and positions that we have. If you feel that there’s a group in the Society that might not be receiving adequate representation, or have ideas on how we can make people feel more comfortable participating, this may be the committee for you.
David Clodfelter
The Legal committee is primarily the team of experts that the Board relies upon for all legal matters – whether it’s working to negotiate a new separation agreement with the Fraternity, or just checking out a catering contract for Convention, the Society relies on the Legal committee to ensure that we’re making the right calls. You don’t have to be a lawyer to join, but if you’re interested in learning more about legal matters, this might be your committee.
Member Safety
Joan Charlotte Matelli
The Member Safety committee is tasked with making sure that ADPS is a safe place for all our members. Participation in this committee runs the range from helping out at Convention to ensure that problems are resolved before they get out of control, all the way up to the more serious issues of responding to calls to the Incident Report hotline. For an overview of our response to a reported incident, click here.
Dena Schwartz
Do you want to help find the next Governors of the Alpha Delta Phi Society? This committee works to request nominations, organize the nomination process, and present a slate of candidates to the Board prior to Convention. If you have ideas on how to help find the best people to lead the Society, consider joining this committee.
Chapter Services
Melissa Diaz
Chapter Services supports undergraduate chapters and affiliates to operate independently and successfully. Their main focus is providing advice on a range of chapter functions: recruitment, finances, university relations, etc. They are looking for graduate members with fresh ideas and the desire to help develop our chapters.
Tiffany Moustakas
The Communications team publishes our annual Xaipe newsletter, sends periodic e-newsletters, and maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you want to help keep Society members updated on current initiatives, upcoming events, and the accomplishments of our members and chapters, join this committee.
Events (Convention)
Kylie Madden
The Events Committee coordinates the logistics for Society-wide events, including Convention, in-person board meetings, and other graduate member events as they arise. If you are interested in event planning, vendor relations, and merchandising, this committee may be for you!
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