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Your donation to the Alpha Delta Phi Society supports young women and men in becoming leaders, building communities, and strengthening an ongoing commitment to education beyond the classroom. Additionally, your donation enables the founding of new chapters, encourages inter-collegiate friendships, and reinforces our life-long commitment to one another through the support of Regional Graduate Organizations. Please consider giving generously to help fund the educational, literary, and leadership endeavors of generations of Alpha Delts.

Our Current Successes

  • Society’s 16th Convention and Leadership Training Conference for undergraduate and graduate members hosted by the Bowdoin graduate chapter in July 2016.
  • The Plattsburgh chapter recently sponsored the production She Took Away His Head From Him on their campus and were featured in this article.
  • Society’s 15th Convention and Leadership Training Conference for undergraduate and graduate members hosted by the Binghamton chapter in March 2015.
  • In June, the first of many summer retreats was held at Plattsburgh. Thirty-two undergrads and young alums bonded in a weekend of hiking, campfires, and siblinghood.
  • Fall caucus was very successfully hosted at the Penn chapter in November 2014. Both undergrads and alumni gathered to socialize and conduct business in the city of Philadelphia.
  • A new Rensselaer affiliate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was approved in November 2014.
  • In light of Wesleyan’s decision to mandate coeducation for all Greek organizations, the Middletown chapter has stood out as campus leaders and been striving to create a more positive Greek identity on campus.
  • Interchapter event participation has been higher than ever, with most Initiations attended by Siblings from several chapters.
  • The recommendation at the Society’s 13th Convention and Leadership Training Conference hosted by the Columbia chapter to spend more money supporting undergrads and cultivating a life-long experience, and less on Convention.

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