2021 Convention Social Events

There will be ample time for socializing throughout the weekend. And you can join for some or all of it! 


On the first night of convention, come together with your siblings to put your potpourri of knowledge into action! Whether your brain is so addled with knowledge that it’s fit to burst or you’re just looking to spend some extra time with friends old and new, Thursday’s Pub Trivia event will be a great way to meet new siblings and reconnect with old ones.

 Sign up your trivia team! 

(Or you can create a team with others at the start of the event.)


Is there a quirky topic that you just need to share with others? Maybe you go ga-ga for 19th-century hairpieces. Maybe the creation of ZIP Codes are your jam. Maybe you need to tell the world about which Alpha Delta Phi founder would be able to defeat a lion in one-on-one combat. 

Whatever your topic is, Friday’s PowerPoint Party event is a great place to share it — all you need to do is sign up, prepare a short 3-5 minute presentation on a fun topic, and let the world know about your particular obsession or niche interest.

Sign up to present at the PowerPoint Party! Sign ups close March 12th.

And you don’t need to present on a topic to come to the party! Drop in anytime after 8:00pm EDT to learn some new facts and geek out with other Alpha Delts. 


Celebrate the end of a Phi-filled weekend with Banquet — this year, from the comforts of your own home! You can dress to the nines, show up in your pajamas, or even surprise us with a costume of your choice. Dinner is on your own, but you can enjoy an evening in the company of siblings near and far. 

Join us on Zoom for a pre-Banquet social from 7:30-8:00 p.mEDT. 

Banquet will formally kick off at 8:00 p.m. EDT and will showcase the best of the Phi, with Litexes, Literary Competition winners, award winners, and more! 

Sign up to give a LitEx at Banquet! 

Anyone can submit a LitEx! However, we have a limited number of spots available for Litexes during Banquet. In order to be fair to each chapter, we will prioritize making sure each chapter is represented in the LitEx selections. If there are extra slots available, we’ll accept more folks! You can review the LitEx FAQ here.

After Banquet, join us in the virtual Convention Hall on Gather.town for more merriment! 


Of course there’s more! Carmen Horn, BRN ‘21, has designed an incredible virtual Convention space on Gather. Each chapter will have their space represented in 8-bit form. Join us each night for some unstructured, Phi chaos in Gather. See other chapter’s spaces, chat with your fellow siblings, and more! 

We will also leave the Zoom Room open as a virtual “Sammy Suite” for folks to hang out in after the structured and coordinated fun activities.